Friday, September 19, 2008

The continuing story - sept 18

september 19 2008

Yesterday was not all fun and success.

About 3 weeks ago I went to the autism centre to ask for help to get my son properly educated.

She told me she would look into the matter and the result could be a special educational supporter.

Yesterday she mailed me she wasn't able to get information from all sorts of locations, even the school he was supposed to go to, the one with the auti-classes.

I was amazed that finally, finally people realised we have a privacy law that protects children too.

That's for the first time in 22 years I'm dealing with schools and children with special needs.

For a moment I didn't know what to do.

In the past I would write a letter immediately, telling all those people they could hand over information freely.
And in fact I was already doing so, when I asked myself why I wanted them to stick to the rules anyway.

After all sorts of problems as a consequence of someone sticking to his own personal opinions about autism (you know, the guy who said that autism is the result of bad upbringing), I wanted an insight in which information is thrown around.

So I wrote the woman of the autism centre a mail letting her know that she can speak with those people in my presence.
I explained that I wanted the right information at the right place, that I didn't want to bother her in her work, but that I wanted an end at wrong information reaching files and leading a life of its own.

Then I asked her questions.

Why ask the "could-have-been new" school for info about my autistic boy when they have nothing more than the file that is already at the autism centre?

Why ask an organisation that has nothing to do with him for information?
I guess it's because I mentioned that I stopped the council woman from placing my son at a school for kids with severe behavioral problems and who are a danger for teachers and fellow students.
Well, I sure don't want my son there. Not even at a tremendous distance. Because the careteam there doesn't know anything about autism.

And even though I understand why she wants to speak with his former school, I want to be present there, because that school failed in such a bad way, that I doubt they'll suddenly be able to help him properly now.

I guess she'll think I'm a weird and stubborn woman.
In fact I just distrust the people she wants to contact.

Too many friendly words and smiles. They always go for the easy road... the one that doesn't lead to what my son needs, but the one that's easy to travel.

Im so tired of all the energy this costs.
I praise myself happy with the fact that the girls attend school in a normal way.
I'll write about that later.


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