Friday, September 5, 2008

changing the room

september 5 2008

The last days I've spent on rearranging the livingroom.
Which was quite a job, because my foot is still hurting like hell.

Because the twins have entered the era of loads of homework they both need a desk.
There's not enough place at their room for two desks, so I decided to use the one our neighbour gave to me before she moved.

Ofcourse the description was not available, so I had to find out myself how to assemble the thing. That wasn't a real problem, as I've always been the one here to put furniture together.

The desk was ofcourse larger than I imagined, so the whole room needed to be changed.

Now I only need to empty and get rid of a large cabinet where barbiedolls and other toys are stored.
Would I've said that before all the changes, I'm sure the girls would have objected.
But now they agreed fully.
A large desk in front of the bookshelves looks far more interesting than in front of a barbiecabinet. LOL!
Now they've got homework they feel so grown up, and a librarylike environment fits their new status far better.

Some things need to be moved the the attick today.
And then I can have a look whether my rockingchair still can be used.

The desk downstairs comes in handy now my autistic son will be educated at home.
The bookcase I mentioned divides the room in two.
And now there's no need to use the diningroom table, I still have half a room of privacy.

I hope it all workd out the way I want.
The girls were very enthousiastic.
Because I had no chairs yet, they got theirs from upstairs and they were a perfect fit.
It's a pity my son needs more than a girly chair to deal with his weight. LOL!

My experience is that changes like these are only a start.


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