Thursday, September 25, 2008

The cards and the lock

september 25 2008

One of the girls lost her school ID and the key to her locket.

She was quite shaken.
I acted like I was.

I guess its time I'm discovered to act in a movie, because I did rather well. LOL!

The ID has the name of the school on it, so I trust that whoever finds it will return it to the school.
The key was with it. It has no number on it and her locketnumber can't be matched to it.

The boys discovered within a day that the lock of the locket was based on the way ball lock pins work, and that they didn't even need their key, just some item to start turning the thing.

The next day her ID and key were found.
What a pity that they were given to a teacher and no name was left, so she couldn't properly thank the honest finder.


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