Friday, September 12, 2008

Bloodtests. I went for one, got two.

september 12 2008

This morning I had to get my blood checked.
It's difficult to control the diabetes at the moment, and I'm not feeling as well as I should.

This lucky girls wa 5th in the row and the woman in front of me was nice to talk with, so time passed very quick.

The nurse selected her material and I questioned myself whether she selected the right tubes.
But likealways I put myself down, telling me that things could have been changed, I'm not the one sitting there, it's not my job, etc. etc.

No problem there, I'm perfect at it.

She got her tubes filled, disconnected, put the cottonwool and tape on the arm and started to write my name n the tubes...wrong.
She exused herself by telling that she had problems reading the little letters on my chart.

I took over. Joked that it was quite a while ago I had to write names on the tubes (I did cancerresearch at that time) and then asked her if she had all the tubes she needed.


"Are you sure?"

She said something about reading her books better and then had a go at my other arm.

When I came home my coat was wet from the blood.


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