Sunday, September 14, 2008

At last I could sleep in.

september 14 2008

At last I had the chance to sleep in this morning.

Yesterday my autistic son made a lot of turmoil, because he thought he could tell the girls what to do and what not.
Ofcourse the girls didn't do what he wanted: go somewhere else so he could watch TV and choose the channel.

This morning they all kept silent and even the noisy neighbours didn't bother me.
I guess the early autumn morning was a bit too cold to be outside.

So it was me in bed and the birds outside, and we all were OK.

For the first time this week I woke up without a headache. What a relief!

I love sundays that pass by like a little stream.
Everyone doing what he wants without disturbing someone else.

Two of the boys went to friends, and one of the girls took her barbies to her friend.

The other girl watched some TV, read a book and then started doing her homework again.
It's interesting that she enjoys learning so much, while she's bothered so terribly by dyslexia.

I admire her motivation.

She often tells me that she feels inspired by me.

I was told I was only able to get some basic education, but I made it all the way through university. Part was due to the fact that the school, at the time of testing, had a huge delay teaching maths.
But, yes, I had to work hard for it, but it paid off.

She also wants to become a bagpiper and started saving for her first set of smallpipes.
She's not allowed to use them yet, but her teacher says she will become a bagpiper.


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