Thursday, September 25, 2008

The assessment

september 25 2008

We were far too early for our meeting this morning, but it didn't matter.
The huge waitingroom was empty except for two women and us.

These two women had clearly decided to consider the control of their availability for the workingforce to be a day out. So within minutes we were talking to each other, making jokes and having fun about the coffee without cookies.

They both should be hired to keep people waiting their stressfree.

Whenever I'll see them again I'll express my gratitude.

When the docotr came to get my son and me, I immediately recognised her as one of the persistent complainers of the parentsboard of one of the schools.

She recognised me too.

Strangely enough I didn't recall seeing her at the assessment of my oldest boy, untill she started using her favorite phrase: "Now I know it all."

My experience is that with autistic kids one never knows it all, so she's a miracle woman....NOT!!!

She clearly tried to avoid discussions with me.
And she very much tried to be nice, which was very difficult for her.

At the end of the meeting she tried to explain things and she was as unable to get her message across as the time before.

I'm not sure my son will get the chance to go to the special school he needs.
At the moment the emphasis is on getting everybody to work, including mentally handicapped young people.
It's a disgrace!

She tried to tell my son that she'll write a report about his skills and disabilities and that those will be matched in the computer with available jobs.
So he might be told to go to work as the assistant at a Kindergarten.

I smiled at her, but she didn't realise what she was telling.
"And should he accept that job? Being a nanny at a kindergarten?"

"I'm sorry but this is the most stupid example for an autistic kid of 19 I've ever heard.
Unless all these children have disabled vocal cords my son will get far too much impulses to deal with, so within a short time he'll run home and hide.
He needs schooling, so his exceptional talents are put to use.
But we'd better not discuss this any further."

When we got the cold wind around our heads again, we felt strange about this all.

I can only hope that she will write a good assessment.


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