Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Appointment with the psychiatrist

september 17 2008

Before we left for the appointment with the psychiatrist I remembered - just in time - that we couldn't use the special regional card at the busses, but should have the national card.
Luckily there was still one available.

I expected full busses, but we could sit all the way.

It was the first time my ADHD boy had an appointment with the new psychiatrist, but all went well.
Ofcourse I had to laugh when the psychiatrist asked whether his straight upright hair was a side effect of his meds.
But my son took it with a good mood.
He didn't realise that the psychiatrist took the thickest book he had to evaluate his length.
But even all those centimeters and the weight couldn't flatten the hairs. LOL!

My son was glad he could discuss the fact that he doesn't feel the meds working anymore. He got a new and better prescription, and far more urging instructions about the use than he ever had from the former psychiatrist.

He even felt free to ask questions about bloodpressure and how it worked.
He knows, but he just wanted to hear it again, he told me later.

So all in all it was a success.

What a pity this clinic only treats kids untill 18 years.
I'm pleading for an adolescent clinic, because now they have to go to the grown up clinic and the care there is very minimal.

When I was finally home it was almost lunchtime.

Time goes too fast!!


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