Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another step...

september 9 2008

Dealing with the school of the boys is almost as big a problem as last year.

Lats week I got a letter, replied to it with a question, and didn't get a reaction at all.

When the kids left school last year, we thought we were leaving forever, and I closed the whole toodoo with a letter to the principal stating that certain aspects of school needed to be taken care of.

One of the items was: internal communication, and another: communication with the parents.

I forgot to praise thge school for assuming the parents are clearsighted and can read minds. LOL!

So this week I still got no answer.
So we decided to write to the principal and ask for a reply.
Within hours of the fax it has arrived.

The guy is asking the council representative if she agrees with his propositions, because I asked him.

Not because she needs to agree. In fact she doesn't at all.

But he proposes homescholing, and I've been told by her collegue he'll drag me to court in case I homeschool my autistic son. (It isn't allowed here.)
So I want to rule that out a full 100%.

When she agrees she's moved herself in a very difficult position.
A while ago she forced me to move me and my son into an illegal situation, and when she agrees now, she clearly states she doesn't know the law.

I've found an article that states what to do when a child is going to be ill for a long time.
In fact I've already contacted the organisations that are involved.

On top of it she allows homeschooling for kids like my son.

So I'm eagerly waiting for the reaction, so I can tell the world that homeschooling is allowed here in town in this special situation.
It'll be a relief for the more than 50 children and their parents.

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