Thursday, September 18, 2008

and another surprise

september 18 2008

So we went to the physiotherapist to get his fine movements assessed.

I was asked to do so, because his handwriting was unreadable at school.
It was horrible.

I had to wait outside for a while, which wasn't a problem because a very nice elderly lady was in the waitingroom too and we got into a humoristic conversation.

Then I was called in.

In front of me he put a piece of paper with nice handwriting.

The last time I saw it that was was in the first class during the months after he was taught writing.
It was like a flashback.

I was amazed, and immediately realised how much he has been under pressure at school.

The physiotherapist proposed to start the gymnastics classes as soon as possible.
We talked a bit about the referral to the obesity course at the other side of town.
Well, he can go there anyway, but he has so much trust in her that it seems to be a wise decision to let them work together.

He needs to learn again that it's a joy to move and exercise.
Which means that he needs to loose the association with school, and the rotten remarks he got there all the time.

He'll be assessed next wedsnesday and then he'll start in a little group as soon as possible.
That means twice in a week working out for about an hour.
The group is very small and consists of children we can't exercise under normal conditions. So it's autistic kids, kids in a wheelchair, kids after an accident, etc.

We haven't even looked properly to insurance, because it's so important he'll get a chance.

Let's hope this will be a very positive experience.


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