Thursday, September 25, 2008

About our passports

september 25 2008

Some countries mainly or only require someone to show a passport when the country is entered.

When I was young it used to be the same here.
My dads passport was at home, unless he needed to travel abroad.

After 911 people weren't trusted anymore.
We all know how paranoid certain groups of people where treated.

In order not to discriminate the law here was changed in such a way that everyone needed to have the passport with him or her all the time.
The police shouldn't request it, unless there's a general passportcontrol because a person is in an area where something unwanted is happening, or when the person behaves different from what might be expected.

When one can't show the passport one has to pay a fine.

Within a week my autistic son lost his passport.
I found it back in the garden.

I made a copy and glued it in his schoolagenda and wrote a statement about his autism under it, including my phonenumber and a remark that I would show his passport at the policestation when they'd request it.

When I asked the police to allow it he said that he couldn't make exceptions.

But untill now we have never had any problems.

I hate having a passport with me all the time, because I can never leave the house on impulse. I need to take a bag with me or check whether the passport is in the pocket of my coat.


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