Tuesday, September 16, 2008

10 simple things that make me happy

september 16 2008

10 Simple Things that Make You Happy
  1. When my children are happy, I'm happy.
  2. When I'm relaxed and I see something nice in nature.
  3. When a friend shares happiness.
  4. When someone really cares for my children.
  5. Walking alone at the shore.
  6. When I'm able to sing a wonderful song or bagpipe one without loosing breath.
  7. A good movie without violence, but with a catching story.
  8. When I wake up without looking ahead into a day and a world of stress and troubles.
  9. When I see people really care for each other.
  10. Snow!

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  1. hi laane! just want to tell you that i love your new layout ;)

  2. Wonderful list! You play the bagpipes? I love the bagpipes!!!

    Happy Tuesday!

  3. Bagpipes, awesome! I'm torn on snow, though. I've definitely had days when snow made me very unhappy!

  4. Thanks for dropping by. I'm with ya on snow...living in the south is a real bummer on the white christmas idea...LOL.

  5. I enjoyed your list. It made me smile.

  6. Such an awesome list Laane. It made me smile also.

  7. My hubby is a bagpiper! How neat! Love your list!

  8. We love the bagpipes, too, at our place! For a while our youngest son was memorizing lots of tunes on his chanter, but then his teacher got too busy to teach . . . I'm sorry we let it slip.

    Happy 10 on Tuesday to you!

    I just noticed your About Me. You sound like a person I would love to talk with, over a cup of really good coffee. I have a daughter who is schizophrenic (she is doing awesomely), and another daughter who I suspect is somewhere on the autism spectrum. She is quite hard to get along with, for a variety of reasons. :P

  9. Lovely list! I think I'd be more with you on snow if it would stay off the roads and not bring ice with it lol.And I have to say I am fascinated by your playing bagpipes. =) Theres just not too many folks here that play the pipes,such a shame too as it does make beautiful music.
    Have a wonderful week!

  10. Nice list. You seem like a calm and "in the moment" type of person. Thanks for sharing it.

  11. I really love to see snow in our country! ":)



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