Sunday, August 31, 2008

a warm sunday in august

august 31 2008

It was supposed to be a very hot day, but it wasn't the hottest day of summer at all.
A soft breeze colled everything down.
Yet it was humid enough to feel uncomfortable.

The girls packed their bags for school for the first time.
They need to take far too many books.
Especially the little one carries too much weight.
Maybe I'd better look into the question whether she can get a second set of books to leave at school.

Their anticipation for real lessons is so sweet to see.
They've been to a montessori-school, so they've never had group lessons.

Tomorrow I'll start homeschooling my autistic boy.
We're not allowed to homeschool, our kids, but I do and I'm OK when they'll bring me to court.
The system doesn't have a place for him... yet...

In the afternoon we're going to his psychiatrist.
I'm curious about his therapy-plans.


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