Thursday, August 21, 2008

Travelling in time

august 21 2008

The girls were amazed by the enormous piles of books on a photo in the paper.
The picture was taking in the university bookshop, and as more than 16.000 students are crowding the city next week, needing books and other study materials, you can imagine the height of the piles.

Sometimes I feel it's a pity we can't travel through time.
I would take them back to my student years.
We didn't have a bookshop on the campus then.

Because I loved so near the university and away from the centre of town, where the main bookshop was situated, I applied with some fellow students to start selling books on the campus.
We got the franchise opportunities, and had a good time before the university year started.
I loved to sort the books. The smell, the new look. And especially the chance to learn a lot about the other studies.
Each evening after dinner I went there with coffee and bread and read like someone was holding a knife on my throat.
I even felt sad selling the last books. LOL!

The experience of playing an important role in supplying the students with books was fun and I still can imagine myself starting a shop of myself.

Maybe in the far future.


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