Friday, August 1, 2008

the transcripts are here and I don't like them.

august 1 2008

Ofcourse the transcript of the meeting with the council representative was not a 100% right.

One of the issues that needs attention is that she wants the school for drop outs to make a curriculum.

No way!

I'm perfectly capable to make a curriculum.
I even can take the one of last year.

I know she writes that down to make things acceptable for the law, but I don't want anything fake or unlawfull.

So I proposed to use the system for ill children, which provides home tutoring.
That puts the council out of the picture, so no need for them to watch each step and question each little problem.

I want to keep in control.
When using the system for ill children it means that I share it with a team. It also means I have an equal voice.

I don't want other people to tell me what to do, when they're not even qualified to do so.

I also think it's strange when I have to do the work and a school gets the money and I'm controled.

So maybe it will be part homeschooling, part home-tutoring.

I don't think the council woman will be happy with my new proposition.
It makes clear they haven't thought the whole issue through in the best way.

But it sure puts my son in an excisting legal system, instead of some improvised structure that doesn't do justice to those who put in the most work.


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