Monday, August 4, 2008

a strange day

august 4 2008

It's so sad that so many people lost their lives on the K2.

With a few friends, who have been mountainering, we're waiting for more news.

But the huge silence of the mystic mountain will last, we're afraid.

The chance that the missing climbers will walk into a camp is so minimal...

Ofcourse they knew they were taking a huge risc when entering the territory of this gigantic force.
But one hopes that with all responsibility decisions can be taken, leading to accomplishments and a safe return.

In the meantime daily life went on.

Laundry and all those other things.

We forget to ask the insurance permission for the brace of our daugher.
Luckily the woman at the phone was very understanding and they're posting it as soon as possible.

I forgot to call the doc for an appointment. Pain seems to be so futile at the moment.
Since months I'm experiencing pain in one of my fingers at the left hand, right at the topjoint. When something hits the place it's terrible.

The only thing that disturbs me at the moment is the farmer somewhere, who has spread his stinking pigmist on the fields...

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  1. so sad to imagine how things going to so miserable in the future... :)


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