Friday, August 1, 2008

silence is gone

august 1 2008

At last the temperature has gone down, and we're not feeling like we're stuck in an oven with too much water boiling.

After weeks of relative silence in the neighbourhood, and walking around each evening with a bunch of keys to care for plants and some little animals at a few houses, things are changing.

People are coming home with lots of stories to tell, children's voices sound again, and in the morning cars make their noises in the streets.

I've enjoyed most the early morning silence and the quiet evenings, when I could hear the birds sing their songs and chirp around.
Looking up to the stars without other people around enables me to sense the endlessness of the universe and to feel that I'm just a very tiny unimportant element in the whole.

Well, as I can't hang around in nightfashion anymore, I'll go up and dress properly.

See you later!


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