Sunday, August 10, 2008

the olympic games and gold

august 10 2008

I've seen the opening of the olympic games on TV.

It was beautiful!
But I didn't feel as touched and caught as during the last opening.
It might have been me, dealing with far too much stress at the moment, or it might have been the fact that our TV is too small to do justice to all the details.
It's a pity our savings account didn't allow us to buy a nice plasma screen.

Houkes won a bronze medal at Judo and just a few minutes ago I heard we've won gold at the 4x100 m freestyle swimming.

Isn't that a great accomplishment for the little country we are?

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  1. You might want to read the post I wrote about the opening ceremony of the Olympics at my blog, The Artist's Muse. It's at

    While it was beautiful, I agree that other opening ceremonies were actually more inspiring--for example the one from Athens. The size of the television really wouldn't make a difference, I think your reaction would have been the same if you were watching it on a larger screen.


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