Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Northsea is dangerous at the beach of The Netherlands

august 3 2008

Those who are not aware of all the warning signs should opt for a Lasik treatment.

Everywhere are the warnings, even on TV.

The Northsea, that's the sea at our beach, is dangerous at the moment.

It's the time of the springtide.
Large waves role in, and it looks like the sea is streaming towards the main land.

But it's only the upper part which makes that movement.
The rest of the sea is moving towards eternity.
The undercurrents are so strong, that even a grown man can get caught and washed away.

Almost 30 swimmers have been rescued already, so it's only waiting for the first report of someone as stupid as to think that he can conquer the forces of nature, who hasn't been caught by a rescue team and has drowned.


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