Sunday, August 3, 2008

no rest...

august 3 2008

I thought that the letter from the council representative would bring me a feeling of rest and relaxation.

But instead it has raised more questions and caused more feelings and thoughts to whirl around.

The letter contains serious mistakes. Like that I can write an objection.
That's not true. The part of law that's concerned doesn't enable an objection.

Apart from that it's 99% sure she didn't make the right legal steps to arrive at her conclusions.
Instead of asking an independent doctor for an opinion, she asked my sons doc.

But most of all: why did she try to force us to submit the form to ask for freedom not to have him apply for a school? She knew that she w/couldn't grant the permission.

This is were our taxmoney goes... to useless procedures.

Right at the moment I can't do anything, because all educational services and institutions are closed.
It gives me a feeling that time is closing me in.
I want to settle matters, arrange things well, and I can't.

Problem is that I'm so very tired of not being able to take only one hour off to do something for myself.

I try to activate my autistic son, but he won't do anything.
It makes me furious to see someone hang around, complaining all day, eating and eating, and throwing a fit when he doesn't get what he wants.

In a way it's good his dad is going to work again, because he knows he can't manipulate me. He won't get anything else than three meals, something to eat before bed and vegetables and an occasional piece of fruit.
It'll bring some rest... but it won't cure his autism.

The burden for our family is growing, and I won't object when they want him to move out of the house to a good facility nearby.

Not to a mental institution though.
They have to bring me first.

Don't worry.
How things are going they'll move me there first!

When you hear someone yelling in the night: "I want a vacation", know it's me, screaming my toes all up to the international space centre.


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