Sunday, August 10, 2008

no friday's feast

august 10 2008

I always feel a bit sad when Friday's Feast isn't taking place.

Even though I'm not able to visit all participants, there are sooo many!, I enjoy reading the answers.

It's raining so terribly the last days.

Yesterday I had to take the path between the gardens and the houses and when I took the turn to go there I was confronted with a real canal, instead of a path!
Me oh my! I´d never seen so much water there.

So I had to go back and go to our gate from the other side. So much for a short cut!

Sometimes I wish I was in one of those wonderful reno hotels, relaxing and enjoying the best the world has to offer.

But being at home it meant nothing else than taking care of the daily stuff.
But a girl needs to dream, ej?


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