Friday, August 22, 2008

new school still on vacation

august 22 2008

I can't believe people at administrations of schools are as uninterested as the woman we got on the phone yesterday.

Last sxhoolyear one of my sons got his diploma and he applied for a place at a school for economical studies.

Just before the schoolvacation we had a meeting with someone who wanted to know everything about his ADHD. What kind of adjustments he needs, what he can do well, etc etc.
So one assumes he's admitted.
When we asked he said we were right to think so.

Next week the school starts and we've heard nothing at all.

So we've phones around.. none from the economical department is back from vacation, so we have to wait untill monday.

The son himself doesn't care.
He went to his girlfriend and left us to call around and arrange matters.

Let's say he got me really mad!


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