Monday, August 11, 2008

large spot of emptiness

august 11 2008

When I was at his age, my male friends went on a 3 weeks international tour with just one bagpack.

He took two large bags with him, and when I say large I mean large!
And he went away for 4 days in the south of the country.

I feel still as amazed as when he came downstairs.

After waiting half an hour at the front door, while we were enjoying the judo competition of the olympic games, he came into the room so suddenly, shouting "They're there!!", that we didn't believe him. We thought he was overdoing a joke, but a car really stopped in front of the house and his girlfriend and some outhers came out.

We exchanged polite remarks, joked about his bagage, and then they went.

I'll miss him. Especially at moments when it's bussy here.
He's got ADHD and ADHD has got him.
So when he's at home he is fully present and most of the time more than that.

Even though all other kids are at home, there's a large spot of emptiness drifting around.

By the time we're getting used to it, he'll be back.

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