Monday, August 4, 2008

k2 expedition updates

august 4 2008

I feel sad to tell that Cecilie Skog lost her husband, Rolf Bae, on the K2.
She reported his death herself.

Right now no signs of life have been seen from:

Garard McDonnell (is 37 years old originally from Kilcornan. He is oil company employee in Alaska and is part of the Dutch international team. He has become the 1st Irishman to become a K2-summiteer.)
Hugues d’Aubarede (french teamleader) and
Karim, Hugues' high altitude porter

Marco Confortola is still descending with support. It's told he has been injured.
All others have arrived in basecamp 2.

Cas and Wilco received treatement and were declared to be safe after a long time.

Because of the amount of visitors to the original site of the expedition, a mirrorsite in English and Dutch has been started

In the morning (local time) the injured climbers will be transported from the mountain by helicopter.

A flight above the involved area of the mountain is planned to find out of there are any signs of the missing climbers.

Right now the K2 has taken many lives.

On the way up:

Dren Mandic and a pakistani climber.
Dren tried to pass a slower climber at the Bottleneck and slipped.

During descent:

Hwang Dong-jin, Park Gyeong-hyo and Kim Hyo-gyeong, all Korean
A sherpa and Rolf Bae.

And two rescuers: a sherpa and a pakistani climber.

Gerard,Hugues and Karim are still missing.

May those who died rest in peace.

It's not yet possible to give the exact number as it was unclear how many people were at the mountain when the accident happened.

A large piece of ice broke loose and cut the ropes at the Bottleneck.

Cas and Pemba descended without these ropes.

Someone wearing an orange suit has been seen on the mountain, but it's not clear who that was. Maybe Wilco.

More news will be published as soon as it's available.

update 1:

Cas and Wilco are in a pakistani hospital, receiving treatment for severe frostbyte. There doing relatively well.

Marco couldn't be helped from the air, because the helicopter couldn't land. He's severely wounded at a leg. He's accompanied by 2 other climbers, trying to reach a lower altitude.

As far as I've understood weather conditions are deteriorating.

It's still not clear how many people have been killed.

According to a Norwegian climber 11 people.
In fact, we just don't know.

update 2

According to one of the other climbers among the deaths is Baig, one of Hugues' high altitude porters.

Marco has arrived at camp 1.

None of the missing climbers has been located.

Update 3.

I'm so sad to report that Gerard McDonnell has been declared dead.

My heart goes out to his teammates, his family in Ireland, his girlfriend Ann and all other friends.

The french teamleader Hugues d’Aubarede will also never return from K2.

I feel very sorry for the french team, and his family and friends.

May they rest in peace on this great powerfull K2.

Update 4, tuesday august 5

Marco has arrived at basecamp.

The weatherconditions will make evacuation difficult or impossible.
A doctor is treating him there at the moment.

I want to thank everyone who mailed me.


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