Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just a sunday morning thought

august 31 2008

It´ll be one of the warmest days of the year, so I had the windows open all night and closed them as soon as the sun hit the house.
Hopefully that´ll keep the cool temperature in.

While hanging the laundry on the line I heard an ambulance nearby, and about half an hour later another one.
That´s quite unusual as we don´t live near the central post at all.

We did in the past.
Our student homes are near the firebrigade´s post, and during day and night we heard the cars leaving with full sound.
We got used to it. But considering the fact that the conversations at our place often were about term life insurance, our visitors were confronted with thoughts about illness and death far more consciously than we.

The sound of the ambulance makes me think for a moment.

But as soon as I see a shining full ripe bramble my thought are gone.

I can tell you....that bramble was very tasty!
I´m sure I can enjoy more this evening.


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