Tuesday, August 19, 2008

He needs an IQ of below 70

august 19 2008

I called the indication commission for longterm ill children and I was told my autistic son didn't qualify.
I mentioned everything: burn out and depression,
longterm treatment, and treatment for eating disorders, disturbances in the fine movements.

Well, I guess a kid needs to have cancer to qualify.

All she had to say was that he needed an IQ of below 70.

I was so amazed and in a way: helpless. I just started to cry on the telephone.
She reacted very nice and even tried to switch the phone through to the autism centre.
Well, like before I couldn't get any contact.

In a way I didn't care, because I don't think they can be of any help.

When I put the phone down it called. Someone trying to sell a travel medical insurance.
I said nothing and just put the phone down again.
Isn't it polite that I just thought he'd better get one himself and get lost?


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