Wednesday, August 20, 2008

the girls and school

august 20 2008

It's funny to see how much the girls are looking forward to the first day at their new school.

The books have arrived, and they can't wait to unpack them.
But they have.
We were told the books were due at school, and yet they arrived here.
So in case they're ordered twice I want to keep the packages closed, to we can send them back if necessary.

Their bags are already filled with pencils, papers and all the other things needed at school.

The boys were never so enthousiastic, so it's a whole new world opening here.

It feels a bit like I'm a mom for the first time.

That's the difference between normal kids and autistic kids.

I know some people don't want their autistic children called handicapped or special needs, but they are.
During the years I've learned to accept that.

I'm off to bed now, trying to sleep a bit.

Tomorrow one of the girls will get the results of the tests.
She's dyslectic.
I hope they've found some intereting things we can target to help her.

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