Friday, August 29, 2008

forgotten key

august 29 2008

She's ome of those people who tends to forget everything and who's always able to mobilise the helptroops.

Not today!

I can barely walk, let alone go upstairs and search her room for the key.

It can be in the trousers she was wearing yesterday... maybe they are on the chair, or maybe in the bathroom...
or it can be in a bag she used yesterday... but she doesn't remember which one she was using...
or it can be on the desk...or downstairs...or...

My conclusion is simple:

As the key can be anywehere it can be in the bag she has with her... or in her coat... or in the trousers she's wearing...

So she has to deal with it herself.

Even when I find the keys she won't have me bycicling through half the town to bring it to her.

I know...I'm a bad mother.
But I'm very happy to enable her to learn to take of her own things.

I'm very generous!


  1. You're a great mom!

    Allowing our kids to own the consequences of their behavior helps them to grow. Being a "helicopter parent" is not good.

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  3. same here, am i a bad mother too? lol that's the right way to teach our kids to be responsible.

    nice post laane.

    i hope you have a great weekend.


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