Thursday, August 28, 2008

finally some help

august 28 2008

The supportsystem and the educational system is divided into sections.

One of the sections is for high intelligent autistic kids,
and the other for low intelligent ones and longterm ill children.

My autistic son is high in intelligence and longterm ill.

I managed to get both sections around the table for a meeting.

So I sat at the meeting and gave a resume of the situation:
"He won't get help, because he doesn't fit in anywhere."

Then I sat backwards...
"So that is the end of a long way of finding him a place somewhere in the educational system."

It was the breaking point.

After some silence both women looked at each other and then decided he will be point of focus in the next meeting of both departments.

When everything works out he'll get a tutor at home.

If not, I have used the last resource.

I smiled when I went away, but that was all I could produced: a smile.
I'm too tired of it all... so tired I lost my way out and had to ask a secretary to tell me where I could leave the building. LOL!


In the end, nothing happened.

I'd forbidden his former school to provide personal information about my son to others. (Their info is not correct. It's written in such a way that it protects the school. The files contain agreements about the way he will be supported at school, but they never acted on it. Only about 5 to 10%.)

Both sections decided to get information from the school, not from the psychiatrist.

Then they informed me that they wouldn't help when the files weren't available.
I asked what they wanted to know.

Never got an answer.


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