Thursday, August 28, 2008

fashion, pregnancy and breastfeeding

august 28 2008

Many years I've been a pregnancy gymnastics teacher.
Most of the time I took the high risk moms-to-be.

Because there's a shortage of teachers I was asked to attend a meeting today, to decide how many times I would give lessons and information about the delivery, breastfeeding and pre- and postnatal care.

To my surprise I was welcomed by one of the other teachers, wearing an essential short sleeve wrap dress from Due.

I recognised the fashionable dress from the online collection of Due.

Soon we were talking about me taking on her lessons for the next year, and ofcourse about what pregnant women and new moms need.

We all decided we won't accept people attending classes in old male joggingsuits anymore, now there are workout outfits available that are not only very convenient to wear, but will also last during the time of breastfeeding and long after that.
No tight cords around the belly anymore, but cotton/lycra that moves with the body.

We're advising our pregnant moms to shop for maternity clothes and also have a look at the other products like skin care, diaper bags and gifts.

I especially want to focus the attention on nursing bras, which need to be bought in time, one size bigger than the usual size.

I wish fashion was as important during my pregnancies as it is now.

How lucky all these women are!!!

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