Monday, August 11, 2008

create your own paradise

august 11 2008

Last week I enjoyed being at the beach and walking in the sea. Such a pitty the day ended with lots of stress.

I wished I could create my own secret waterworld, right at my own house, enabling me to dream away and relax again.

I've found a solution.

SpaScenes provides spa accessories and one of them is a mural.
It's available in 5 scenes, all creating the perfect environment for a spa. Whether you like fern falls, a tropical beach, or a glowing sunset or another scene, you can place yourself outside reality.

You won't need special tools or experience to install the mural. Whether you choose for the panoramic or the full-view format it's trim-to-fit and without problems you'll change your big brown/grey ugly panel type spa cover into a fresh water scene.
Your mind will relax so much faster, and so will your body.

Ofcourse you can change your complete garden into an imitation of your favorite vacation resort, but I doubt whether you'll have the budget to do so.
So why not choose for an affordable solution, which also changes the outer look of your spa?
SpaScenes offers high quality products and the murals are highly durable, waterproof and are chemical resistant. The scenes are interchangable, so there's no need to feel you're stuck in the same vacation resort.

I'm not a sunbather, so using the spa is an evening experience.
The mural reflects the movement of the water and especially in the evening it creates the illusion of life running water around me.

I wish you many happy times in your own paradise, while you enjoy your spa.


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