Tuesday, August 26, 2008

breastcancer screening

august 26 2008

Today I went for breastcancer screening.

Women here are screened every two years with a mammogram.

This time it wasn't in a special mobile clinic, but in the local screening clinic.
It's new, I guess.

It was quite a problem to find the entrance.
They's better told me I had to be at the entrance of plastic surgery.

They had a new machine.
Ofcourse my breasts needed to be sandwiched, but it was not horizontal from the front, which was quite painful.
This time the machine followed the line of the muscle, so the experience was less awful.

I don't think that I'll have pain for weeks.

Because the whole neighbourhood was invited, I saw quite a lot familiar faces and we talked a bit.
With a husband of one of the women there the subject was soon: male breastcancer.

Because I've giving quite a lot of information about the subject in the past, I was asked to tell a bit about the subject.

They guy wasn't aware that men can get breastcancer too, and that many men who are confronted with it are diagnosed in a far too late stage.

He got the whole lot of information, and I'm sure he'll use it to enlighten other men.

So this afternoon wasn't a waste at all.

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