Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back to school: double edition

august 26 2008

The girls went to school again.

They were a bit nervous, but as soon as they were on their way they met one of the other girls.
And you know them.... talking and talking...

They've enjoyed themselves very much.
There was another girl added to the group who was very nice.
They played plenty of namegames and on the stairs the older pupils asked them hoe they liked the school.

So the first day was a success.

Tomorrow they're going to have a whole day full of gymnastics and games in the town gymnastic hall.
That's what they love!!

One of the boys went to school too.
He didn't know if he was admitted, but he was told to start anyway.

To his surprise he found quite a lot of kids he knows.

He has to get used to the new system of going to college now.
Thought he had a lazy life with 3 hours of lessons a day, untill I told him that he had to do the rest himself.

I said his former school didn't invest in preparing them for their future, now it turned out they don't even have the most basic knowledge. Ugh!!

Well, the rest I'll write tomorrow.
I'm going to sleep and try not to touch my face.
I have blisters on my cheeks...


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