Friday, August 22, 2008

autism and verbal behaviour

august 22 2008

Some autistic children are not able to value communication and because of that they won't start talking.
I know about children who have been considered to be deaf, because they didn't react to sound at all.

Vincent Carbone offers workshops where he and his collegues provides parents, teachers and others evidence-based behavior analytic services.
That means that he teaches them to observe the children in a certain way and model their behaviour in a positive way to make them show wanted behaviour.

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Working this way is very rewarding for parents, because they are able to see changes better and they're able to modify the behaviour of their child in a positive way.
It can and should be done at the places the child is, and not in a therapy room.
That way the lack of ability to generalise behaviour isn't interfering with results.


  1. interesting...i need to get informed. I have a baptism of an autistic child on 9/21...I already have been told that the aunt will be the one holding him over the font...(he is about 5)

    hope you are well...

  2. good information, thanks for sharing :)


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