Wednesday, August 27, 2008

..and he's admitted!

august 27 2008

He went to his new college to get his identitycard and he was told he wouldn't get it.

So we got the call, heard him, told him we would jump in and did so.

A friendly woman told that she needed to receive a special paper from someone.
Then she could go ahead and send him all the paperwork and activate his identitycard.

One way or another the way she told it triggered the question where the paper should come from.

From someone in the room where she worked.

"Can't you go ahead when he tells you the paper is on it's way?
Or can't he hand you the paper?"

"No problem".


So our son is admitted and he'll be studying for shopkeeper.

We called him and he already got the list for the books.

A full 500 euro......

Isn't life interesting?


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