Saturday, July 26, 2008

weather and the meeting

july 26 2008

Summer has tumbled into our country.
Me oh my!

From a chilly late autumn like weather it turned into near tropical.

So I pulled all the stuff from the beds, had the laundry machine making overhours and had loads of laundry dry within a few hours.
The delight of a homemaker.

In between I went through the paperwork to get everything ready for the very important meeting of tuesday.
There the councilwoman will decide wether she grants my autistic son homeschooling and a relaxed mom, whether she wants him and me to go through all sorts of screening to proof that we went wrong somewhere, or whether she brings us to court.

The problem is that there is no place available in the auti-classes and my son is not able to attent a regular or special school.
So in fact it's a political problem. When there would be more money, my son would be able to try to attend an auti-class.

I've written some people in parliament. One responded. She said she can't do anything.
I wonder why she wanted to be choosen anyway. (Well the seats are comfortable. LOL!)

I'm not nervous at the moment.
The psychiatrist wrote such a good letter, that it's clear not only his mom is standing up for him.

We've made a special plan for next year, and a half year after that he can go to the special educational facility my oldest is attending.
So I want some official consideration for our situation for 18, maybe at maximum 24 months.

The meeting at tuesday won't be a nice one.

I don't know where it is. Well, I have an adress.
The schooladvisor is present and I'm not sure about his loyalty and trustworthiness.
And there's a second council representative available. I don't know her.

I'm going to take a lot of paperwork with me,
a taperecorder or something like that,
and the phonenumber of the psychiatrist.
He said I should call him whenever they started to cause trouble.

Will be fun to put the meeting to a halt and call him.


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