Sunday, July 27, 2008

tumultuous evening

july 27 2008

I was glad the weatherdepartment issued a warning, so the kids were prepared for bad weather.

After a day with hot sun and a humidity that could be cut, a rim of thick clouds entered our sky and then right above us started to turn.

One of the boys called and said he was with a friend just one street away, but he didn't dare to come home because the sky was green.
He also reported the spinning movements of the clouds.

We were warned for windspeeds at storm force, so we had the windows closed and felt like sausages in a frying pan.

Then the thunder came in.
Large rumblings from far, roling a long way over our heads.

Then the visible lightning started.
It was everywhere, and very bad.

But unlike last time I wasn't afraid.
I even stood a while in the garden, until the rains got so bad that I simply had to step inside not to be washed away.

Later we learned that streets and cellars had been flooded.
In the shop where one of the boys was working, the rain seeped through a wall and caused flames to appear from some of the electricity points.
I forgot to check the waterlevel in the garden being caught up in watching a TV program about nature around the Chinese wall.

I wonder how long it'll take befoer the humidity is gone.


  1. Yes...I did stop and tell the authorities about the strange object at sea with a human aboard. I just don't know what happened after we left. Like I said, I think about it still --wondering if he was out there on the raft just having fun,.....or needed help. All I could do was report it. I'm like you I hope it was worked out and he/she was okay.

  2. First of all thanks for congratulating me. Second, I hope that you and the boys are okay. I remember that kind of rain back when I'm still living in the island. Have a have nice day.

  3. hope the weather's better. Our humidity is extremely high in my part of Maryland today and we have a storm coming, I hear.


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