Wednesday, July 16, 2008

a threatening letter

july 16 2008

Another invitation from the council representative.
A very threatening letter. When I won't show up she'll make a courtcase of it.

All sorts of emotions went through me: amazement, anger, the need to cry, and an enormous feeling of tiredness.

She lines up now with the schooladvisor, and states that we can't cancell the appointment because the schooladvisor was invited.

She wants to talk with us about other schooloptions, which must be out of town.
I can't agree with that at all, but I have the law against me.
They don't care how handicapped a person is.
All they want is to force a kid to get a diploma.
As if that solves all problems.

I have to write the psychiatrist of my autistic son about the matter and see that he writes that my son can't travel, not even by special bus.

But in my head I feel blanc and empty.

On top of it all I've hurt my knee.
One moment I was standing in a shop buying some items for the girls in the sales and the next moment I had a tremendous pain in my knee and could hardly walk.
I don't know what I've done.

This should have been a festive week, but it's not.

And all because my son is autistic and there's no place available in an auti-class.


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  1. I hate hearing you've had a bad week. Hang in there!


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