Sunday, July 20, 2008

sometimes it's good...

july 20 2008

The weather has been terrible this week.

Yesterday afternoon it seemed to be a bit better, so I wanted to go to the shopping centre.

It was nice to be out of the house for a short while.
I even managed to find a few things in the sales.

A very nice cardigan. All sorts of grey, with a small spark here and there.
It's one of those items one needs to have for the winter.
It's one you can draw over your knees when you crawl on the couch to watch a good movie.
It was only 3 euro! Woohaaa!!!!

For one of the kids a T-shirt with: "You can't control me", for 2,99!

I didn't feel well, so I suggested to go home with the girls while their dad would get the last groceries of the day.
He needs the quiet and he loves getting groceries.

Outside we saw dark grey clouds nearing, so we hurried home.
I told the girls to go fast when it started to rain and took it easy while feeling the cold drops on my head.

It was one of those summershowers, with thunder coming from far, and rain pouring straight down.
Under the trees on the gardenpath it was dry, and I enjoyed the moment of being alone with nature.

After that I had to put my bicyle away and before I was ready I was soaking wet.

This time I didn't care one bit.

Sometimes it's good to feel the cold rain dripping on your back....


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