Sunday, July 27, 2008

Scrumptious Sunday

july 27 2008

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It's long ago I went for a picnic.
Not even all children were born, and we still lived in a world in which we could pretend to be a normal family with normal kids.

We had our bags packed with all sorts of tasty stuff kids like and went into the fields.

Within an hour I had to go home, because I was having a terrible allergy attack.

I've never been on a picnic ever since.

But just a moment ago I enjoyed myself in the garden.

I gazed at the big apples falling from the tree at the neighbours.
My blossons didn't survive the late frosty nights of this year.

But I had some black berries, and some red ones.
Picked a little strawberry and some brambles, that tasted sweet and powerful.

I took a chair, a cup of coffee and some white bread, with a bit of cold butter and spread some brambles out, like the best jam there is.
It tasted delicious!


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