Wednesday, July 23, 2008

religion and school

july 23 2008

It's early in the morning.

Today is an important day, because we have to go to the psychiatrist of my autistic son.
He's a nice guy. So much better and friendlier than the former one.

But today our opinions might clash, and he's the one who needs to put a signature under my opinion.

I know he wants my son to visit a school in another town, because it's good.
But I expect the same problems as we had, and I won't go that road anymore.

I feel we need to concentrate on his social development, and we need to do it far better than we did these last months.

My son thinks that working is the answer to his needs.
Well, he applied for a job at the supermarket here, but I don't think they need new people at the moment.
I think some strings need to be puled to enable him to experience that part of life, because to my feeling that will make him choose school in a far more positive way than he ever did before.

Even though I've heard good news aboput that school, I'm not in for travelling to parent's evenings and other meetings.
I've done that part some years ago, being away from home for more than half a day for effective meeting time of an hour.

So I'm a bit nervous at the moment.
Will he cooperate, or will he force his opinion in the situation.

In that case I'll force the whole situation with the council representative into a different part of the law.
I'd rather be the centre of the whole toodoo, than have my son seen by socalled experts over and over again to see if he isn't able to visit school.

Not many people go that way.
It's stating that my religion, worldview has changed in such a way, that I can't find a school that provides the right education for my son.

When I was writing a concept of my statement, I first felt unwell by the idea of manipulating the situation, but then I realised that in facxt I was just writing how I feel and see the world.
My belief in God, has always been beyond the way I was raised.
I don't think it's a person that can be asked to do what we want.
I really feel it's an entity beyond the way of our understanding. So why try to understand it as a human being, and why give it features only humans have?
Even when I was a child I hated it when I was told how God was thinking, how forgiving he was.
I think we need to take full responsibility for how we form ourselves.

Which doesn't take away the concept of a God. It just shows utter respect for it all.

I also think that human beings are part of the large entity of all, as is nature, and all other things.
We function as part of it.
In our own way, oh yes.
But we can't be see seperate from the social environment we're in, the family we're born in, and the naure around our house.
We're all guests on this earth, world-civilians, and we need to respect everything we deal with. Not just what fits into our perception or religion.

Stating this for a judge won't be a problem anymore now.

But I'd rather go just the administrative way. A bit of paperwork, and a council representative who respects me in what I say and signs the whole bit off to the past.

Now I'm first getting that all important signature of the psychiatrist.

Wish me luck!

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