Thursday, July 10, 2008

obesity and healthy food

july 10 2008

Due to his medication my autistic son is obese.

The weightgain many people experience when starting on Risperdal was just the beginning.
The medication caused a permanent feeling of tremendous hunger, and since then he's never felt satisfied, not even after a meal.

We changed his meds to Abilify, which caused a loss of weight of a few kilos, but it's all back and he's growing.

He hates it, and I hate it even more.

He can have three meals and some bread before going to sleep, some fruit and a lecture on healthy food and that's the diet for each day.
I'm firm on that.

But his father brings food in the house which is not right, and he gives him the wrong things.

He doesn't understand what he's doing and even worse: I can take the blame.

Ofcourse my son manipulates his dad as good as possible. Moaning, begging, making a fuzz or worse. To me it looks like blackmail, but I know it's the behaviour of someone who just needs to eat.

All I want is healthy food in the house. Is that too much to ask?

I want my son and his father on a course.

or maybe I sould just ask his doctor for Phentermine ?
Some people say it helps... but I don't know.

I think that healthy habits are far more useful.

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  1. Yes indeed healthy habits are all together very significant indeed! The father is indirectly harming him by providing him with different things. I feel a regular excercise can work wonders sometimes. All the best... I liked your blog very much and here it is I am bookmarking it:


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