Wednesday, July 30, 2008

not homeschooling, but teaching at home

july 30 1008

After years of problems at school because of his autism, my 16 year old autistic son dropped out of school.

Which is forbidden here.
Kids under 23 need to get a diploma.

I suggested homeschooling...... which is forbidden here, unless a judge at a court of law decides not going to school is because of a religious matter.
I don't want to go to court.

So the last months have been a tragedy of trying to make clear that my autistic son can't go to a school, unless it's at an auti-class.
But there are not enough places, and sadly the law has no rules about that.

So I pleaded my case with the help of the psychiatrist of my son.

He stood up for us like no one ever has done.

So there's no need for my son going to school in another town, meaning I would loose precious time travelling.

In fact we cornered the system... well... my son's autism did, we simply worded the problems.

So the 3rd council representative found a way out.

I'll teach him at home, get assistance if necessary from a special school.
"It's not homeschooling...
It's teaching at home."

Well the difference is that I have to give account of my responsibility and show how much work is done, but as I make the decisions about workload and I do the talking, things will work out fine.
When my son can't keep up, it's clear he isn't for for education, and we'll get, what they call here: freedom of subscription at a school.

I'm waiting for her transcription of the meeting, expecting I need to have a last fight about who controls what, and then relax and try to have some kind of vacation.
Which simply means staying at home, because with 3 autistic kids at home there's no real vacation ever.

That's not a bad gain from a meeting.

I was happy I'd been able to postpone the meeting untill yesterday, so I was calm, knew the law precisely, and was straight on top of things.

The new council representative is a person I can work with.
The child is at the centre.

Let's hope things stay that way and we finally can move into the future in a constructive way.

I want to thank all who supported me during these years.
It has been a long way, and we're sure not at the end of our struggle,
but we're at a new beginning.
Thank you so much for showing confidence in me!

So homeschooling it is!
Any tips?


  1. I'm so very happy that this has worked out for you. You are quite lucky to have had a council person be willing to work with you on how to word the home schooling! :)

  2. Hi hun!

    I'm back from vacation!

    Had a great time.
    It's very hot here. Not nice.

    Congratulations with your success.

    I bet you're glad the stress is gone now.

    I'm going to do the laundry now. No fun: unpacking.

    Buzzfuse doesn't work here. Sorry.

  3. It is wonderful that you have been given this option. I would suggest a good curriculum you feel comfortable with, and remember that patience is key...even without the autism. I have been homeschoolingmy 3 children since they started school, my oldest is 16. Good luck, and for your sake document everything.

  4. Congratulations! Way to stick with it and do the right thing for your son. Many parents would just give up or try to force the square peg into the round hole. Well done!

  5. We live in Florida, and we homeschool. My children dont have autism, but I find homeschooling very rewarding. If you would like to check out my blog, there may be some info there for you. The best advice I can give you, is never give up, and keep good records.


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