Friday, July 11, 2008

money and life insurance

july 11 2008

We've got the paperwork for the school of the girls.

They're starting august 26 on 9.00 hours, with a program to get used to the schools, it's rules and ofcourse the teachers and children.
The school stimulates creativity and starts immediately. They're asked to create a little theatre piece based on their experiences of the first days. The best will be performed in the grand hall.
The girls are thrilled!!

I was less thrilled with some other paperwork.
It's the financial part.
We're finally getting the main part of the costs for books back, which is marvellous, but there are so many additional costs that I have to sit down and add it all up to see the picture.

A friend says she doesn't worry because she's got life insurance for kids, but I don't think you should get money out of the fund at this age.
It's better to wait untill they're going to university or another way of education.
They're 4 to 6 years older than and you've build a larget sum, meaning you'll profit from interest more.

Maybe thinking that way has kept us out of debt.
Better no vacation abroad and paying for schoolcosts directly, than getting into debt or taking it from the money saved for the future.

What would you do?


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