Thursday, July 17, 2008

men-wannabees in the house

july 17 2008

Life with a couple of puberty driven males is almost always interesting.

With two we're in the shaving stages.

We're experienced parents.
Already two play with their facial hair and live life between babysmooth, crowded with hair and beardlike growths.

For years we've tried to teach them that acne is a problem that needs hygiene and ignoring, but acne on the shaving area is a problem that needs to be treated even better.

So there's a growing interest for lists of products to treat all sorts of spots and skin problems, especially for blemish acne cream.

The old electrical shaving machine has been brought to life without burning down the house.
It was just to show the difference between electrical and what we consider normal shaving.

To my autistic son it gave him the choice between the trembling and buzzing of the machine and the feel and smell of shaving soap.

It's been a pleasure to hear the old fashioned sound of the little machine, but even a greater pleasure to put it away until someone finds it and sells it as antique.

Shaving by hand is far easier in our house, because we have no electrical connections at our bathroom.

Last week I had to admire the removal of a few hairs below the lips and the end of the facial area.

I'm still amazed about myself.

I was so terribly serious when I told the man-wannabee in question that he looked far better.
Now he really does, because his ego has grown quite a bit.

My autistic son however still has problems getting used to the idea of growing up.
He wants to be a man, but he doesn't want the extras that come with it.


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