Thursday, July 10, 2008

last schoolday

july 10 2008

The girls had their final schoolday last tuesday.

It was a very warm morning, with loads of sun.

They had a lunch and that was it.

I went to say goodbye to the teachers too.

One of them has been the teacher of my autistic sun, and due to her he had a very bad time at school.
This year she was the teacher of one of the girls, and she did all she could to make up for the mistakes in the past. She even helped more than a 100% to get my other daughter admitted to the school she wanted to go to.
We spoke a few words about it, and I think things have levelled out on both sides.

One of the other teachers behaved very unkind this year.
I don't think personal circumstances should influence someone so bad that she takes it out on the children and the parents.
After the musical she suddenly grasped my arm and behaved like in the past. We all were pleasantly surprised.
Now she held my hand for a long time...I asked to get it back. LOL!

Then we said goodbye to one of the other teachers who has been a lady of kindness after one of the girls has a very terrible year with the bitch of school.
We talekd about it and thanked her for being able to give my child her self-confidence back.
I'm sure we'll see each other again, because my daughter still has a feeling of coming home with her.

The principal tried to walk in the corridor a few times, but turned away when he saw I was there.
On his desk was a very think letter for him.
When he came out of his office after a ery short visit I could see he knew it was from me, and I'm sure he knew what it was about.

A few years ago he got Child Care involved after reporting us.
One of the girls is very small and tiny, and he thought we were not treating her well.
Turned out we even got a huge compliment from Child Care and she told him to apologise.
Ofcourse he never did. He's not that kind of person.

To close all these years I had to write my feelings down about this all.
I had to speak out about his lies about who called Child Care and some other issues.

Ofcourse I didn't expect that long awaited apology.

He would have been wise to buy some flowers at the railwaystation and ring our doorbell after 22.00 hours. I wouldn't have let him in anymore, and he could have soothed his conscience about making the gesture.

Nothing of it all.
Ofcourse not.

Well, I've closed that rotten part of the life of me and my family.

It's over!!!

And it was so great to feel the sun on our arms, the wind in our hairs and the school disappearing in a corner of town, when we bicycled home.


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