Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm a plant-sitter again

july 10 2008

Do you like to be taken for granted?

I don't.

For years I've been keeping an eye on the house of some people in the neighbourhood.
I feel much more of a warden during the summermonths, than someone staying at home during the vacation.

The first request was put in today: "We're leaving next saturday, I'll put the key in your mailbox. We'll be back after three weeks."

Did I say request?


Well, at least I don't have to walk the dogs.

Sometimes I wish they will be a time I can go to them and tell them that the watercan stands in the corner, that some plants need water twice a week, others once a fortnights and the tiny ones need attention every day.

Or I wish we dared to take possession of their house and celebrate our vacation there.

Now I have to find my agenda and make a note, otherwise I can't keep track of who comes back when.

I'm a plant-sitter again.


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