Sunday, July 27, 2008

the horse whisperer

july 27 2008

With the girls away for a weekend, it was strangely quiet.
It was just too hot for the boys to quarrel.
My autistic son even fell asleep.

So I put the TV on to see if there was something on and a movie started.

I didn't even know which one at first.

The horse whisperer.

I've never before felt like horse riding.

When I was young, at basic school, there was a horse in the fields right across the streets.
The mothers who came to get their children were afraid of it.
The horse would run towards the fence like it was going to jump over it, and it would make loud noises and shed it's head like it was telling people to stay away.

I liked to help my teacher.
In fact everything was better than going home, do the groceries and all the odd jobs.
So most of the time I left school long after the others had left.

When I was almost at the gate the horse would spot me and walk slowly to the fence watching me make the decision to go home or to stay.

In the movie I recognised the powerful silence between man and animal.

When standing at the gate, the horse watching me...

Stepping from the pavement and crossing the street was like entering a different world.
I just knew the horse wouldn't hurt me, and I wasn't afraid to give it the sugarcane I got from my teacher as a thank-you for helping her.

I knew the horse was badly treaten before it ended in the fields at the farm.
Maybe the horse knew how I was treated at home?

After I left school things changed in the village.
The horse was brought to a place for old horses and I went to school at the other side of town.

After school I helped my grandmother finding and giving the care that was so much needed.

I stayed away from horses, was even afraid of them, like the fear of the mothers of the schoolkids had grown into me.

Only while seeing this movie I wondered why I never ever came close to a horse again.

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  1. one of my things to do before I to ride a horse!!! I wanna ride one sooo bad...but I am afraid of their eyes...

    crazy right?


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