Thursday, July 24, 2008

He agrees!

july 24 2008

The visit to the psychiatrist was well worth the nervousness. LOL!
(Don't know what I'm taling about? See here.

He completely agrees with me.

And he even went one step further: he states homeschooling is a good option.
The greatest problem of school: to many impressions my son can't deal with, will be down to 0.

It all we be put in a letter, which backs me up completely.

I'm a bit curious how the council representative will react to homeschooling.
It's officially forbidden in this country, unless there are no other means to educate a child.

In this case, there isn't.

In the meantime my son is referred to the pediatrician to get him in a treatment program for his hungerproblems.
He will also get extensive psychotherapy after the vacation.

So no one can say my son hasn't been taken care of by the professionals.

(To be honest, it was about time someone looks into the problems Risperdal caused.
I want a referral to a neurologist too.)

When we came home I felt relaxed.

Now matters are almost all organized and on paper.

I'll dig up all old paperwork tomorrow and organize it in a new way.
What's needed will be copied to take it with me to the meeting.

There's one concept that needs a look from someone else, and then everything I can do is done.


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  1. For me personally, homeschooling is cool. You get to spend a whole day of school on a sofa (?) :D


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