Thursday, July 3, 2008

graduated weatherboycot

july 3 2008

It's a special day today.

I'm just popping in here because I don't know when I'm able to blog again.

The girls had a great final musical and left school quite happy. I'll blog about it later.

Today it's the day one of my son graduates.

He's been fighting his way through school, because the school provided just a small bit of support for his severe dyslexia.
But he did it!!

I'm so proud of him!!

His clothes are waiting for him to come home later this afternoon.

He's still not sure how to protest against the fact that the school forgot to put their names in the paper, as is a tradition here.

I'm just waiting for what's going to happen.
Will he come home this afternoon with a pink bathrobe to wear?
Or does he take the nametag from the door of the person responsible (for a lot more than just ignoring this tradition), and glue it on the toiletdoor?
Or will they all bring toiletpaper and roll that person in it as long that he can't move again?

We'll see.

Right now we're suffering a weatherboycot.

After a very tropical day of more than 34 degrees celcius, ending with terrible rains, lightning and thunder, it's grey and loads of water just fall down.
Worse weather can be seen on the weathersite.

Ofcourse I tried to convince my sons father to hire a car.
I don't want to arrive there with my long pink dress full of mudd and soaking wet.
The rental office is quite far away, so I got a counteroffer: a taxi.

Well, that's a very special offer, as he even puts up a fight when a taxi is needed to go to the emergency department of the hospital.

So in a taxi we'll go, and I'll take trousers and a T-shirt to goback in case we have to go back by buss. LOL!

My son is nervous, because he's afraid they won't be kind to him in their speech to him.
It's the sad inheritance of 4 years at that school.
I've promised I'll stand up and either speech too, or create some kind of funny disturbance so people will remember him because of that and not because of that speech.

In a way I think we'll have the real graduation celebration when we come home and finally feel completely independent from that school again.

Now I'm going to blow up some ballons and decorate the house for him.
We can't put the flag out, because it's raining so badly.

We we'll feel happy, be sure of that!


  1. Its a sad fact of life that kids with dyslexia are not getting the help to they need to achieve their full potential. My granddaughter has had the same problem. She is a bright girl but has had to struggle with this problem with little or no help from the school. Her confidence has suffered because of this.
    Have a graduation celebration..both you and your son deserve it!

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