Monday, July 28, 2008

From Thailand With Love - Give away

july 28 2008

I'm not often blogging about give-aways.
Mainly because most give-aways are for a limited public.

This give-away however is very appealing and it's meant for everyone on this planet.

To celebrate the opening of Day To Day Miracles two winners can win a Thai Decorative Letter Holder.

You have to be quick, the month is nearly over.

I would love to win one (especially the pink one.) Why?

A few years ago clients lost a baby, knowing they would never be able to receive another child.
They were so sad, and my heart went out to them.

Slowly they struggled themselves away from their grief into happiness about witnessing this precious baby a few times.

Gradually they changed into people who wanted to give a child from another country an equal opportunity for life as their other child.
They went through all the steps of the adoptionprocedure and after a long wait they were able to have a little baby close to their hearts again.

Not often do we know the families adoptive children come from, but this time coincidence helped us a hand as a befriended midwife wrote about the grief a family was going through because they had to give up a child for adoption because of economical circumstances.

One plus one added up and after asking a confirmation with a photo and a birthmark we were able to bring these families together.
The child will know about his family and maybe will be able to return later, the birthfamily of the baby are helped by knowing their child is in safe and caring hands, and they're helped financially.
And the adopting family didn't adopt a child, but a cmpletel new branch to their family.

Not often do situations like these result in emotional enrichtment for all parties.

To symbolise this I received a little elephant.

How nice it would be to have the letter holder accentuating the place it stands.

But even when I won't win, I've found a very nice and inspiring blog to be grateful for.



  1. Dear Laane.

    I'm sorry to inform you that the Buzzfuse widget doesn't work, and I haven't been able to use it all month.

    I've informed Buzzfuse.

  2. nice article, very touching...i hope this story will inspire everybody who visit your website. good luck with you pink elephant.

  3. Nice entry and contest. Thanks for commenting my blog. There are really blogs that are inspiring and it makes you visit again..:)

  4. Hi Laane! Thanks so much for joining and posting about the contest.

    Your story is so touching...I'm sure their reunion would have been an emotional one.

  5. Hi there! I have tagged you for the "Six Quirky Things" meme. Visit my blog to see the rules and get the info for the meme. Have fun! :)

  6. I am pleased about the interesting contributions and would like to express my radix complement in addition. This post is just great. Just keep on writing these kinds of posts.

  7. If Buzzfuse is not working then have you got any other option for use.

  8. Really interesting Blog, people should read this story and comments on it cuz its so delicate.


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